Our business model insists on both institutional accountability. To transform our communities we need institutions to commit to racial equity.

We are challenging health systems to purchase our product as a commitment to economic justice. Eventually, as we diversify our product line, we want our health system partners to spend at least 15% of their food budget with other Black and minority-owned businesses. The economic impact on Black communities will be transformative.


Minimum Order: 3 pallets, 240 – 72/4oz case, We can fulfill any size order.
Our apple sauce is currently offered in 4 oz single serve cups at a unit cost of $1.05 (shipping and delivery included within West Michigan). Our premium unsweetened apple sauce is packed in Michigan, using mostly Michigan apples and some from the Mid-West region.
Institutions play a key role in shaping life outcomes and we believe that intentionally creating space for our future Black women entrepreneurs in your vendor pool will help grow wealth and reduce disparities.
We are seeking proactive partners willing to examine their purchasing operations and make the necessary changes to invest in building the wealth of Black women. Are there low cost, high margin, food products you currently purchase outside of apple sauce that we could supply? We would love to chat with you.


To grow wealth it is imperative to eventually own the means of production (supply chain) or grow a considerable capital and client base to take advantage of economies of which is what a vertically integrated production system exploits. In a sense our product premium represents the gap in wealth, the amount of capital absent, and the amount necessary to scale and close the resource gap.